Madou King Granzort 09

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Granzort’s Madou Collection commercial

Happy 2019! As a little bonus, here’s a subbed commercial for the Granzort toy line that I stumbled upon online. Thanks to 懐かしの302 on whose YouTube page I found it, and who also hosts a bunch of other interesting anime-related commercials and promos.

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Madou King Granzort 08

There, I managed to put out another Granzort episode just before the end of the year, and a rather important one at that.

Anyway, I hope you’re all having happy holidays and here’s to another year of good old anime.

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Halloween special release: Mashin Hero Wataru 08 & Dinosaur Squadron Koseidon 38


Happy Halloween everybody!

I had to take a little break from fansubbing this last month, but don’t worry, the regular programming will continue soon.

But I did manage to work on a little special Halloween project, together with Big Nova Subs, where we found some halloween themed episodes of stuff that we’re into.

So over here, you can watch an episode of Granzort’s sister show Mashin Hero Wataru, where the titular hero fights the descendant of Count Dracula himself! However, if you prefer tokusatsu, over at Big Nova, you can check out an episode of kinda obscure, but still a fun little show called Dinosaur Squadron Koseidon titled: “Tremble! The Resurrection of Frankenstein.”


Mashin Hero Wataru ep.08: Torrent  Mega

Dinosaur Squadron Koseidon: Torrent