Bosco Adventure is finished

Bosco Adventures episodes 12-26 are done by Necro-Subs


So I recently I had a problem with my computer where I keep all my fansubbing stuff, so that is why it took me so long to release anything new. I was especially frustrated that I might not be able to release episode 12 by the end of the year (especially since it’s a Christmas episode). Fortunately a very nice gentleman called Necro was busy and did the rest of the series.

So be nice and thank him for his work here.

And then enjoy the rest of Apricot and the Gang’s adventures.



Bosco Adventure HD Re-release

I would like to announce that the Bosco project has now become a joint one with the good people over at the Beatrice-Raws who are kindly providing the raws from the recently released 30th anniversary blu-rays.

The plan is to re-release the already translated episodes, and then to continue with better quality raws.


1-7 Torrent