Halloween special release: Mashin Hero Wataru 08 & Dinosaur Squadron Koseidon 38


Happy Halloween everybody!

I had to take a little break from fansubbing this last month, but don’t worry, the regular programming will continue soon.

But I did manage to work on a little special Halloween project, together with Big Nova Subs, where we found some halloween themed episodes of stuff that we’re into.

So over here, you can watch an episode of Granzort’s sister show Mashin Hero Wataru, where the titular hero fights the descendant of Count Dracula himself! However, if you prefer tokusatsu, over at Big Nova, you can check out an episode of kinda obscure, but still a fun little show called Dinosaur Squadron Koseidon titled: “Tremble! The Resurrection of Frankenstein.”


Mashin Hero Wataru ep.08: Torrent  Mega

Dinosaur Squadron Koseidon: Torrent


Science Adventure Team Tansor 5


So me and the good folks over at the Big Nova subs prepared an April Fools treat for you!

If you never heard of this, don’t worry, neither did I before a month ago. It’s a weird, not working at all, mix of live action footage of vehicles and animated characters. Think Thunderbirds but with cartoons instead of puppets.

So with Big Nova’s love of old tokusatsu and my love of old cartoons we thought this would be perfect for us to work together on.

Thanks to GuSTaVauM for the raws.


Torrent          Mega

The Great Sea War – Love Under 20,000 Leagues

This is something I’ve been working on together with MartyMcflies (check out his awesome Youtube page). He dug out the raw for this from some half-dead torrent and since it looked interesting to me I offered to translate it for him. When I saw this it immediately reminded me of those 80s, early 90s VHS releases with horrible dubs and labels like “Children’s Classics” and “Family Fun Classics”. And indeed, it turned out this WAS released by Harmony Gold as “The Undersea Encounter” (here‘s a version with a Russian voiceover) so some of you may be familiar with this.

And if you have no idea what this is, it’s a made for TV movie from 1981, (very loosely) based on Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. It’s about 70 minutes long, and expect a lot of submarine battles and mutants with machine guns.

So here’s our Valentine’s Day gift to you (it has love in the title, so it counts).

Torrent               Mega