Sei Juushi Bismarck 50 & 51 (Final)

After waiting to read the following line on the internet for years, it is my great pleasure to announce:

Sei Juushi Bismarck is now fully subbed in English and online.

UPDATE: Batch torrent

Episode 50:
Torrent               Mega               Subtitles

Episode 51:
Torrent               Mega               Subtitles

I had a lot of fun working on this project and I’d like to thank everybody who followed me and supported me through it, as well as everybody who will discover this show in the future.

And a special shout-out to DmonHiro without whose raws this wouldn’t have been possible.

Bismarck may be finished, but I’m certainly not. Look forward to some new (old) anime subs coming really soon.

21 thoughts on “Sei Juushi Bismarck 50 & 51 (Final)”

  1. I want to thank you for your hard work in subbing this show on your own. I look forward to finally seeing it all in its original form as opposed to its Saber Rider edit. I’m currently in the 20s and while it is an interesting show, I have to admit that I see a lot of flaws its production and execution, which makes it all too clear to me why this show was at best a footnote in 80s mecha anime. Regardless, I’m having fun watching it.

    That being said, I’m sure someone is eventually going through your subs and will touch them up some more, mainly in script cleanup (like, you keep refering to the Deathcula without an article, like it’s an organization and not a species. “Deathcula launched their attack” instead of “The Deathcula have launched their attack”. Maybe it’s just me, but it always read a little odd).

    Regardless, I’m very thankful for your work. I’ll be interested to see what other old shows you might dig up for us.


    1. So I was just exploring fansub blogs today and I see someone mention a show called Bismarck…. and it takes me awhile before I think “Wait, as in *The Japanese version of Saber Rider* Bismarck?”

      It’s like every show that I thought would never, ever get subbed, is getting subbed. We live in a great time for old anime and tokusatsu.

      Right now the only things I wish someone would do would be:
      1. the 1960s Astro Boy and Kimba shows
      2. Mashin Hero Wataru. Seems everyone who starts only goes so far before disappearing.
      3. the Japanese version of Tobor the 8th Man, mostly just because it always bothered me having to live with a dub edit of the original series but then being able to see its sequels uncut and subbed.

      But I feel like just by saying as much, I’ve guaranteed it will happen…. SOMEWHERE on the internet.


  2. Thanks for hard work if you intersting old anime i want watch Paris no Isabelle in English subtitles.
    This anime 13 Ep only
    Thank you so much.


  3. Congratulations guys! You’ve made a great work that simply makes the day for an old-anime lover as me. ^_^ Just a question about such intriguing series: do you think to release a torrent-batch too? I wish you well and have a nice day then.


  4. Thank you so much! I’ve just watched the last two episodes, they were pretty good! And I’ve almost thought there would be some dramatic event, but it would have been hard for US studio to edit it for Saber-Rider… Anyway, thank you very much!


  5. What an awesome job, thank you, thank you so much for this! For years I tried to find a subtitled version of Bismarck, (a few years ago some episodes popped up on youtube, but have since been deleted. I downloaded the old torrent episodes but couldn’t understand a thing ;P).
    I’m 35 now, and have been a fan since the Saber Rider Cartoon aired in Portugal in the early 90’s, with a great dub, by the way, but having bought the Cobalt Blaster Blu-Ray edition, I must recognize that the Japanese original stands the test of time a bit better (and the soundtrack with that luscious disco 80’s synth rock funk fusion is miles ahead, just those bass line, man, they blow me away!)
    Anyhoo… Big thanks for this, I’ll pick up Bonobono real soon too, it looks like a blast, and I’d like to ask if it would be OK to show the links on some groups on Facebook of Sci-Fi/Anime , KI know a bunch of people that would love this!
    PS: I don’t know if anyone here would be interested in the toys of the Saber Rider/Bismarck line, but these are WAY overpriced, they go for hundreds of € on ebay, but there are some third party companies like Wei Jiang and that specialize in making high quality third party interpretations of Transformers figures. I guess that if there are enough people asking them for a Ramrod/Bismarck Figure they would make it. I also have sent a suggestion for a toyline to Playmobil because they have recently started making licensed products , and I guess this would be a pretty cheap license they could pick up, many of the toys could be easily remolded from existing toys (Donatello for example), and since it’s a german company and Saber Rider was huge there, I though it was worth the shot! Here’s the link if anyone is interested!
    Again, amazing work, I’ll keep seeding this until my computer dies ;D!

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  6. Thank you for your hard work on this series, and I look forward (eagerly!) to your next project. There’s still soooo many shows from this era that have yet to be translated.


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