Sei Juushi Bismarck 40

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Sei Juushi Bismarck 38

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I learned this last month that you can either sub anime or listen to podcasts, but you can’t do both.

Anyway we’re back at work. And in this episode Mayumi Tanaka drops by to voice the above-pictured Lucas.

Science Adventure Team Tansor 5


So me and the good folks over at the Big Nova subs prepared an April Fools treat for you!

If you never heard of this, don’t worry, neither did I before a month ago. It’s a weird, not working at all, mix of live action footage of vehicles and animated characters. Think Thunderbirds but with cartoons instead of puppets.

So with Big Nova’s love of old tokusatsu and my love of old cartoons we thought this would be perfect for us to work together on.

Thanks to GuSTaVauM for the raws.


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